UngDialog (YouthDialog)

UngDialog (YouthDialog) is a meeting place, a network and a dialog-resource. The meeting place is open for all youth interested in dialog, with and without a faith or life-stance affiliation. UngDialog is also the network in Norway that gathers faith and life-stance groups and organizations for youth. Further, we work to promote dialog as a tool for good communication that youth master and use actively.

Through dialog we contribute to developing a society governed by acceptance, equality and communication between cultures and life-stances. Dialog is a tool for good communication that can break boundaries of prejudice and judgment, and build bridges that pave the way for peaceful coexistence and cooperation. Dialog opens the door for new understanding and collaboration.


The idea of UngDialog emerged from the Dialogseminar 2009 at the Nansen Academy, organized by The Norwegian Children and Youth Council (LNU), The Council for Religious and Life Stance Communities (STL), Nansen Academy/Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue, and a workgroup. It was the first Norwegian dialog seminar for youth engaged in faith and life-stances. The participants at the seminar were taken by the positive effect of dialog and wished to establish a dialog network for youth. A similar network existed for adults, but this was the first of its kind for youth. The idea of a dialog network was further developed by the workgroup that helped plan the Dialogseminar 2009. In February 2010, the outline for the network was presented to a group of youth representatives of different faiths and life-stances. The idea took root and in February 2011, UngDialog was established as an organization.


Since its beginnings, UngDialog has organized meetings where topics concerning faith and life-stances have been at the center. Dialog-café (minidialogs), seminars and workshops have been our main activities. UngDialog cooperates with organizations both in Norway and internationally. Our goal is to spread dialog as a tool for communication that youth in our society master and use actively.

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